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So why does Meghan have to be baptised?

The news that Meghan Markle will be baptised before she marries Prince Harry next spring proved confusing for many newspapers.

The Evening Standard got into trouble when it tried to explain why Meghan Markle had to go through the ceremony. Its report, later taken down, said it was because she was a Protestant. But as Giles Fraser, as vicar, tweeted: “Dear @EveningStandard. The Church of England is Protestant. Henry VIII, etc.”

American blogger Terry Mattingly asked why, if Markle was already a Protestant, she was being baptised. “I have never heard of anyone being re-baptised in order to be confirmed as an Anglican.”

An unexpected boom in conversions

At ncregister.com, Fr Mitch Pacwa claimed that “We are in a time of the first ever mass conversions of Muslims.” Speaking to Patti Armstrong, Fr Pacwa, an expert on the Middle East, said he had begun hearing about the phenomenon more than 10 years ago, on Al-Jazeera: “They were reporting on the mass conversions of Muslims – as many as 6-8 million – in sub-Saharan, Africa, and they have repeated the warning every year,” he said.

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