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113 years and still thankful to the Lord

The oldest person in France is reputedly a nun, Sister André, who at the age of 113 lives in a retirement home for religious in Toulon. La Croix interviewed Sister André (it was translated by Catholic News Agency), and heard her life story from her birth in 1904. Her grandfather was a Protestant pastor: “The services lasted forever and you had to follow the entire sermon without budging or falling asleep! So my parents no longer practiced their religion. But that troubled me.”

She became a Catholic, and worked in a hospital during World War II: some of those she cared for, who at the time were orphans or poor children, still come to see her in her old age.

Having retired from work at the age of 104, Sister André is now sorry that she cannot “read, write, draw, embroider and knit”. But “she said that she still enjoys seeing the blue sky when the weather is nice. ‘The good Lord has guided me well,’ she reflected.”

Charles Manson and the question of mercy

The death of Charles Manson prompted Fr Dwight Longenecker, at his Patheos blog, to a reflection on mercy. The mass murderer is not beyond God’s mercy – “but the big question is, ‘Would Charles Manson ever accept that mercy?’”

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