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Are Britain-Holy See relations in jeopardy?

The relationship between Britain and the Holy See has flourished in recent decades, said Catherine Pepinster at the Guardian website. “And yet that newfound understanding may be in jeopardy.”

Pepinster, a former editor of The Tablet and author of the new book The Keys and the Kingdom: the British and the Papacy from John Paul II to Francis, said that “Talking to Vatican diplomats, it is apparent that they think Britain… has regrettably turned inward: not so sure of itself on the world stage, its priorities increasingly domestic. And Rome is deeply alarmed by any assault on the EU – given the European project, thanks to its founders Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman, was shaped by the Catholic theologies of solidarity and subsidiarity.”

Terrifying warnings from a London exorcist

In an article for Catholic World Report KV Turley visited veteran London exorcist Fr Jeremy Davies. The priest, who possessed an “air of peace” and “imperturbable calm”, was “the type of Englishman for whom the word ‘phlegmatic’ seems to have been made”, Turley said.

Their conversation, he said, forced him to consider not the “Hollywood fantasy of spinning heads” but the “real evil lurking in people’s lives” ­– when people “make a decision, or accept an argument, that moves them away from Christ”.

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