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Homelessness and the question of sacrifice

“With growing numbers of people suffering homelessness in the expensive megalopolis of Los Angeles, Catholics and people of other religions are working together to provide a serious response,” wrote Kevin Jones at Catholic News Agency. He quoted Kathleen Domingo from the Los Angeles archdioc­ese: “The faith community is really a giant part of the services provided to the folks in need.”

Why do Cath­olics help the homeless? “We’ve been told that our salvation depends on how we treat those in need,” said Domingo. “Our faith isn’t just in praying and personal spirituality, it’s actually in what we put into action.”

She said the homeless are “the face of Christ, especially in Los Angeles”. Many residents live in such prosperity that “to turn our backs on the homeless is really to turn our backs on Christ”.

“We really need to ask ourselves: are we willing to sacrifice our salvation, literally, for our own convenience or our own comfort at not getting involved?” Domingo said.

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