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The religion Hugh Hefner rejected

There were many responses to the death of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner; but not enough, said Terry Mattingly of getreligion.org, focused on his Methodism. Hefner once told the Chicago Sun Times: “Our family was Prohibitionist, Puritan in a very real sense. Never smoked, swore, drank, danced. Or hugged. Oh, no. There was absolutely no hugging or kissing in my family.”

And there was more to Hefner’s rejection of Christianity. He explained: “At a very early age, I began questioning a lot of that religious foolishness about man’s spirit and body being in conflict, with God primarily with the spirit of man and the Devil dwelling in the flesh.”

One detail – recorded in the New York Times obituary – also revealed Hefner’s deep-rooted hostility to Christian morality. After his fiancée cheated on him, before their unhappy marriage, he said he realised what was wrong with traditional attitudes to sex. “Thinking sex is sacred is the first step toward really turning it into something very ugly,” he explained.

Why a Nigerian parish likes traditional liturgy

In the New York Times, Matthew Schmitz observed the first traditional Latin ordination in Nigeria for decades. Eighty-six-year-old Bishop Gregory Ochiagha, who carried out the ordination, “nearly fainted,” Schmitz said. “‘I am so happy, I am so happy,’ he whispered as he was led to a chair.”

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