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Are converts a troubling movement?

At Commonweal, Massimo Faggioli said that there is a “convert movement” which has “something in common with other ecclesial movements in the recent past, such as Opus Dei, Focolare or Sant’Egidio.”

These converts, Faggioli argued, are overly critical and have an unusually large public profile. He described them as “a largely conservative group of converts that seems to have disproportionate representation and voice in comparison to the larger number of recent converts to Catholicism.”

Faggioli added that such converts are “finding an easier welcome into a Church that they then go and criticise.”

Why converts are nothing special

But at Catholic World Report, Carl Olson – a former fundamentalist Protestant – said that singling out converts can be misleading: “I hope that no one who was born into a Catholic family and baptised as an infant thinks he has somehow ‘arrived’ because of his particular origins, or because she was confirmed at the age of 17, or even because he goes to Mass every Sunday.”

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