As I write the, scrappy Chicago Cubs are battling the arrogant Los Angeles Dodgers for a World Series berth. You recognise, of course, these hallowed teams of baseball, the sport that (pace cricket fans) God truly loves.

The Cubs had an uphill run to get to play the Dodgers. They were on the verge of being eliminated by the Washington Nationals in the National League’s Division Series, but they came back with four straight victories to prevail. In the elimination game, an amazing set of events occurred during the fifth inning: an intentional walk, a passed ball strike, catcher’s interference, and a batter took a base because he was hit by a pitch. shows that in the 2.73 million half-innings logged, all four of these events have occurred in only five games in the history of baseball. This time, however, they all occurred in the same inning.

Pretty crazy, right? What might this portentous coincidence mean, you ask? Other than providing for a really entertaining ball game, absolutely nothing. It was just a fun game of baseball which, I’ll repeat, is the sport God loves the most.

Speaking of coincidences, last Friday, October 13, we observed the 100th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, which concluded the most important recognised Marian apparitions ever. This centenary lines up with other historic events, which merit rehearsal. Repetita iuvant, after all.

In 1517 the renegade Augustinian Martin Luther publicly posted 95 dissident opinions which sparked the Protestant Revolt that rent Christendom limb from limb. In 1717 the first Masonic Grand Lodge was founded in London. This year also marks the 100th anniversary of Russia’s October Revolution, which led to the rise of atheistic communism and the deaths of countless millions. Also in 1917, Margaret Sanger founded the magazine Birth Control Review to advance an agenda of the Neo-Malthusian eugenics which would inspire Adolf Hitler. There was this year also an amazing continent-cutting solar eclipse and a spectacular planetary and stellar line-up that looked remarkably like the heavenly sign in Revelation 12.

Last May, when I recounted these events, I wondered what they might mean. I still don’t know for sure. I do know, however, that Our Lady’s messages associated with the Fatima apparitions have ongoing, present value.

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