Humble yourself

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time: Mt 23:1-12

Then Jesus spoke to the crowds and to his disciples.

2 “The teachers of the Law and the Pharisees are the authorised interpreters of Moses’ Law.

3 So you must obey and follow everything they tell you to do; do not, however, imitate their actions, because they don’t practise what they preach.

4 They tie on to people’s backs loads that are heavy and hard to carry, yet they aren’t willing even to lift a finger to help them carry those loads.

5 They do everything so that people will see them. Look at the straps with scripture verses on them which they wear on their foreheads and arms, and notice how large they are! Notice also how long are the tassels on their cloaks!

6 They love the best places at feasts and the reserved seats in the synagogues;

7 they love to be greeted with respect in the market places and to be called ‘Teacher’.

You must not be called ‘Teacher’, because you are all members of one family and have only one Teacher.

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