Should this prayer remain in silence?

SIR – The subject of silence during Mass has been raised by several recent articles, most recently by Fr Raymond de Souza (July 21). But some prayers which are now silent could, I think, be said aloud. For instance: By the mystery of this water and wine may we come to share in the divinity of Christ, who humbled himself to share in our humanity. ​This prayer wonderfully reflects the greatest privilege that God has given us: to share in His Divinity. Someone has exuberantly commented that this is as near to blasphemy that we might get in our prayers. The words in the prayer are what the faithful should rejoice in and acknowledge in “loudest song”.

However, the rubrics distinguish between prayer and commentary. The words are therefore treated as prayer and hence requires to be said in silence. The semantics of the rubrics should not ignore the rich theological and doctrinal significance of this prayer. I see this prayer as our destiny expressed in a nutshell.

The oftener the faithful hear this prayer the more we would acknowledge and appreciate this most generous gift of God.

Dr Anton Joseph

Wallington, Surrey

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