I have a question for you. Which side are you on in the Catholic cyber-wars? I think I can guess the answer of many Catholic Herald readers. “What cyber-wars? We’ve heard nothing about them at Mass.”

That’s a reassuring answer. Alas, I suspect it won’t be long before most Catholics discover that there really is a sort of war on.

Consider that, until about two years ago, the term “fake news” meant nothing. Now we’re learning, in greater detail every day, how misuse of social media can swing millions of votes. If the faithful aren’t aware that prominent Catholics of left and right are flinging digital diatribes at each other, then that can only be because they aren’t visiting Catholic websites.

Here’s an example that’s just caught my eye. Ten minutes ago, I spotted the following words in a sidebar peeking out of my browser: “James Martin SJ Thinks You’re a Nazi.”

The headline is from the conservative Crisis magazine. It’s clickbait at its most cynical. Still, I couldn’t resist. Why does Fr James Martin, editor-at-large of the liberal Jesuit publication America, think I’m a Nazi?

Author Austin Ruse – his real name, not a hidden clue that someone’s taking the mickey – explains:

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