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An up-to-the-minute guide to the historic ceremony in Rome

Video feed of the canonisation Mass of John XXIII and John Paul II in St Peter’s Square

The murdered priest successfully highlighted the suffering of Syrians in a western media that has grown tired of the conflict

Holy Father launches 24-hour Festival of Forgiveness in Rome and around the world

Print edition 28/3/14

This week we bring you an exclusive piece on Bishop Malcolm McMahon’s new hopes for his ministry in Liverpool. We report on the significance of the Vatican commission on child protection and the priest who has admitted to entering into a sham civil partnership. We also tell you why the Archdiocese of Liverpool is opposing a local Catholic school’s plans to become a free school. In other news, the new Bishop of Paisley pays tribute to his newsagent father, Pope Francis issues a grave warning to the Mafia and we capture the moments that a singing nun wowed the world on the Italian version of The Voice. We also interview ex-Clash drummer Terry Chimes and Lord Alton reveals the common flaw in each assisted suicide Bill which has faced Parliament.

Print edition 21/3/14

In this week’s edition we report on pro-life alarm concerning moves to liberalise Britain’s abortion law, tributes to the late Clarissa Dickson Wright and why a climate of fear has emerged in the Vatican. Also Fr Hugh Somerville-Knapman asks if we need a new form of the Mass and Mary Kenny explains why celebrities are losing their souls.

Selected quotes from the first year of Francis’s pontificate

Print Edition 3.1.13

In this week’s print edition of The Catholic Herald Will Heaven says it’s not British to shun Bulgarians; Fr Mark Drew calls on Catholics to meet the challenges set by Pope Francis in 2014; Laura Gotti Tedeschi interviews controversial Italian author Costanza Miriano; Madeleine Teahan on the MPs who won’t let boys be boys; Michael Merrick argues that anti-Catholic history is still taught in schools; and Quentin Falk reviews Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. To keep up with the latest news, reviews and features, order six issues of the Herald for £6

Each box of ‘Misericordina’ contained a rosary

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